The Influence Of Temperature On CBD Vape Oil Effects

CBD Vape Oil Effects
CBD Vape Oil Effects

Vaping CBD oil is one of the best methods to consume cannabidiol to feel its effects very fast. This is a method preferred by many experienced users, as well as those who want quick systemic relief from chronic pains. The most important aspect of this method is the temperature as it can affect the experience and you can adjust it to fine-tune for maximum enjoyment. This also affects the taste and vape juices have slightly different optimal temperatures. Read on to know how the temperature affects CBD vape oil effects.

The Importance Of Vaping Temperature

The advantage of vaping CBD oil is that you can adjust the temperature compared to inhaling CBD vapors through other methods. This can fine-tune the experience of CBD vape oil effects to individual needs. Also, there is a slight difference in its psychotropic effects depending on the temperature and the details regarding it are shared below.

Low Temperature 325 to 350 °F

If it is a full-spectrum vape oil then you will feel slight psychoactive effects and this is a good temperature to start for beginners. One advantage of low-temperature vaping is that it is less harsh on the throat and chances of coughing from it are minimal. Also, at this temperature, the taste of the hemp flower strain is very prominent. As this is more suitable for beginners, they should be aware of the side effects of cannabidiol (CBD), but this is not suitable for many seasoned users as the effects are less prominent.

Medium Temperature 350 to 400 °F

This temperature is ideal if you have been vaping regularly but not yet a seasoned user and more suitable for those who want to experiment with CBD vape oil effects. Also, because of the higher temperature, more cannabinoids will be activated, increasing the psychoactive effects compared to the previous method. Not only that, the vapors will be warmer and smoother similar to regular smoking. Most of those who switch to CBD vaping from cigarette smoking begin at this temperature. Last but not least, this gives a more relaxed state with a better aroma and taste from terpenes and flavonoids.

High Temperature 400 to 430 °F

This temperature is more suitable for seasoned users and gives the best CBD vape oil effects as all the cannabinoids will be activated by the higher temperature. The vapors will be less flavourful but can make you more calm and even lethargic. Last but not least, there are higher chances of coughing as it is harsher on the throat.

On a final note, the boiling temperature of cannabidiol (CBD) is 356 °F, and to get the maximum effect vape it at 410 °F.