Does CBD Oil Have An Expiration Date?

CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life

CBD oil is widely used all around the world for the past few years. It is mainly due to the fact that CBD possesses numerous therapeutic properties that can help in alleviating many health problems that affect your body. Today, a wide range of CBD products are used by people for alleviating many mental and physical health disorders.

One of the main concerns many people have when they buy CBD oil is that whether it will expire. Like most natural things, CBD will also get expired in 1-2 years.

Factors That Affect CBD Shelf Life

There are a few factors that affect how long CBD oil is going to last. A better understanding of these factors can help you to store the CBD oil properly to maximize its shelf life. One of the main factors that affect CBD’s shelf life is the quality of the product. If the product is of good quality, CBD in it also lasts longer.

Another factor is the ingredients present in the CBD product. Some ingredients like flavorings have their own shelf life. If it goes bad, the whole product also goes bad. The extraction process of CBD can also affect the shelf life of a CBD product. If the product is made using the carbon dioxide extraction method, it can last longer.

The packaging of the product also plays a major role in the shelf life of a CBD product. If the CBD oil comes in a dark-colored, airtight glass container, you can ensure maximum shelf life because that kind of container protects the CBD oil from exposure to sunlight and air.

How Would You Know If The Product Has Gone Bad?

The expiration date will be labeled on the packing of the CBD product, which will give you an idea of how long the product can be useful for you. Sometimes, the labels can fall off and you may not be able to determine the expiration date. When it happens, your senses can help you.

If the CBD oil smells funky, it is an indication that the product has gone past its expiration date. Sometimes the CBD oil becomes cloudy when it is stored in a cold room or refrigerator. If the oil becomes thick and dark, they are signs of degradation.

Most CBD oil products are artificially flavored to mask the earthy or grassy taste of CBD. You can easily figure out if the product has gone bad by tasting it. The taste of an expired CBD oil will be off and it won’t have any use for you anymore.