The Difference Between Hemp Oil And Hemp Extract

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Industrial hemp’s elements in concentrated form are referred to as ‘hemp extract’. Lately, some manufacturers have started to label cannabidiol oil with the words ‘hemp extract’ and even ‘hemp oil’. This gives the impression that all of these refer to the same product, but that is not the case.

Anyhow, they do it for the reasons shared below.

  1. That hemp derivative is low in cannabidiol; and,
  2. The producers could label it as having a higher quantity of other hemp components in milligrams than cannabidiol.

Their logic is simple. Just imagine that a hemp derivative has 7% cannabidiol and considerably more concentrations of the other hemp components. If they label it as hemp extract while mentioning CBD’s quantity, customers may be in two minds regarding purchasing it. Rather, listing it as a ‘hemp extract’ without mentioning the amount of cannabidiol on the label would not confuse customers and would keep its quantity a secret. Keep reading this ‘hemp extract vs hemp oil’ post to know more.

How Does It Differ From Hemp Oil?

However, labeling the above-mentioned product as hemp seed oil or hemp oil would confuse them. This is because companies make the oil with the industrial hemp plant seeds. There is no phytocannabinoid content in it. So they cannot technically label the product as hemp extract.

Hempseed oil is not all that beneficial for health because the seeds are utilized to manufacture it. The beneficial components of industrial hemp are not in this plant’s seeds but its stalks, buds and stems. Gourmet food shops and groceries have been selling it as a cooking product for years. This explains why it belongs in the kitchen, with many essential oils.

So, Are Hempseed Oil Sellers Deliberately Misleading People?

Some online stores advertise hemp oil with the picture of leaves that resemble marijuana or industrial hemp. This gives customers the impression that it is either hemp extract or a CBD item. Unfortunately, this practice of the websites exists even today. If you purchase it, you would spend your money on something without a considerable beneficial effect on health. Therefore, you must be aware of the product you are looking at.

When in doubt, just look for customer reviews on the product page of the website. Does any reviewer use the words phytocannabinoid, cannabinoid or THC there? If not, it is more likely to be a hemp oil store.