What To Know When Taking CBD With Other Medications

CBD Drug Interactions
CBD Drug Interactions
CBD Drug Interactions
CBD Drug Interactions

The interaction of CBD with other drugs has been a concern among CBD users. This compound might have an impact on the effects created by certain medications. Hence, you may not be able to derive the intended benefits from these medications and this can also increase the chance of side effects. Therefore, it is important for you to take great care when taking CBD along with other medications. So we provide some facts you should know about CBD drug interactions so that you can use this compound safely.

CBD And Drug Interactions

Even though CBD is found to be safe with most of the common drugs that you might be using in your everyday life, it is found to interact with certain drugs, thereby creating some unwanted side effects. The drug interactions created by this compound are one of the most alarming side effects of CBD you should be aware of.

Being a natural compound, CBD is free of severe side effects that are caused by other prescription medications. It is only found to create some minor side effects like drowsiness, diarrhea, changes in appetite, etc. However, the drug interactions of this compound might lead to more severe side effects, as this compound can alter the way how medicine impacts your body. This can lead to liver toxicity and other health problems.

Some of the common drugs that can interact with CBD are:

  • Blood thinners
  • Some heart medications
  • Certain thyroid medications
  • Several medications that are used to treat seizures, including lamotrigine, clobazam, and valproate.

How CBD Can Lead To Drug Interactions?

Certain enzymes in the liver are responsible for breaking down the medications. It is found that CBD can affect the working of some of these enzymes thereby either slowing down or speeding up their actions. As a result, the breakdown of the drugs can be slower or faster based on the type of drug you are taking.

If the drugs are broken down quickly, then you may not get the intended benefits from them. Also, if the drugs are processed slowly, then they will remain in the liver for more time thereby leading to liver toxicity and increasing the chance of side effects. Hence, if you are taking some other drugs, you should ask your doctor whether it is safe to use CBD along with them. Otherwise, it can lead to unwanted effects.

People who take medications for some other health conditions like kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart issues, a weakened immune system, etc. should be very careful when using CBD, as this compound can interact with certain drugs taken for those ailments.