Points To Know Before Trying Cannabidiol CBD Vaping

Cannabidiol CBD Vaping
Cannabidiol CBD Vaping
Cannabidiol CBD Vaping
Cannabidiol CBD Vaping

Of all the methods to consume cannabidiol CBD, vaping has become really popular because of its very quick action. Many people use it for relief from conditions like chronic pain and this is preferred more by experienced users. There are different types of vape products available from brands and it can be difficult to find the right kind for users. You might end up buying overpriced or counterfeit items which can be very harmful to your health. There are even reported cases of injuries, so the purpose of this article is to give a better understanding of cannabidiol CBD vaping.

Why Is CBD Vaping Gaining Popularity?

CBD vaping is popular compared to other methods of consumption because of its quick onset time. For example, consuming edibles like pills or capsules will take up to an hour to feel the complete effects. The fast action of inhaling cannabidiol is because of its higher bioavailability of 20% and this is the amount of CBD available in the bloodstream. This is because here it enters the systemic circulation directly through the highly permeable lungs, so the amount of loss due to filtration is less. The other reason for its popularity is its discreteness and can be smoked like regular e-cigarettes.

The Different Types Of CBD Vaping Devices

There are four basic components for vaping equipment, they are battery, heating element, chamber, and mouthpiece. The heating element vaporizes the vape juice within the chamber and the user takes a drag through the mouthpiece. There are mainly two types of CBD vape devices; the most common ones are the tank style and the pen style. In the former, the battery heats up cartridges or disposable containers, the latter one is more suitable for smoking concentrations like CBD isolate. Let us try to better understand these two types of devices.

Tank Style CBD Vaping Equipment

The popular cloud-like smoke associated with vaping is produced by tank-style vape devices and they require e-liquid. This is usually made using vegetable glycerine, CBD, glycol, and flavorings, it is heated by the heating element. The e-liquid is absorbed into the heating coil with the help of silica, cotton, or nylon wrapped or filled inside it. There are two categories in this type namely: disposable and refillable cartridges. The first one is also known as cartomizers, they are easy to find and hence you must be careful to avoid buying those made of cheap material or questionable quality.

Pen Style CBD Vaping Equipment

With pen-type vapes it is easier to vape CBD, the CBD isolate is vaporized by the heating coil placed below the chamber. The slight disadvantage of this style of equipment is that the heating element must be replaced periodically when it burns out. Also, on repeated usage the heating coil breaks down, oxidizing the metal that can enter the vapors inhaled. Only pure CBD isolates are to be used and substandard flavor additives or CBD can accelerate the disintegration.

CBD Tank Type VS CBD Pen Type

When you look at the ease of use, the pen-type is more convenient because it is less complicated and preferred by beginners. The most common one is refillable tank type, it is used with CBD e-juice and offers more flexibility to fine-tune the smoking experience with various adjustments. But, first-time users begin with disposable cartridges because it is an easier way to get started.

The other advantage of the pen-type is that it uses CBD isolate and you can experience a pure cannabidiol experience. These are also available in refillable variants and vendors offer CBD oil vape pen starter kit, it is also possible to buy separate atomizers. Because they use CBD isolate you need to smoke a lesser number of puffs compared to the tank-type that uses CBD e-juice.

Risks Of CBD Vaping

It has been found in a small percentage of consumers that vaping CBD causes allergies to the chemicals and other ingredients used in it. Also, in substandard products the presence of metals like cadmium and lead has been found, this can cause serious lung damage or even death. So, it is important to buy products that have quality assurance certificates and read through customer reviews to avoid risks. Shared below are details about contaminants like vitamin E acetate and metals in CBD vapes.

Vitamin E Acetate

There have been reported deaths and lung damage from vaping, the culprit in these cases is vitamin E acetate. It is more of a common ingredient in CBD supplements and skincare products, as well as daily wellness products. This is usually found in low-quality e-juice and when buying them check for it on the ingredient list of the label and avoid it if it is present.

Aerosolized Metals

As stated earlier, the repeated usage of CBD pen-type vape equipment causes the breakdown of the heating coil, resulting in oxidized aerosolized metal in the vapors. These are made from stainless steel, titanium, and kanthal which is an alloy of iron, aluminum, and chromium. So it is important to replace them frequently to reduce the exposure levels and buy devices from reputed manufacturers.

These are some of the points that you must keep in mind when buying CBD vape devices and their related products like e-liquid.