How Cannabidiol And Turmeric Can Treat Inflammation

CBD For Inflammation
CBD For Inflammation
CBD For Inflammation
CBD For Inflammation

Inflammation causes several other health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, digestive issues, allergies, overworked muscles, and asthma. It is the body’s response against infections, injuries, or foreign agents.

Cannabidiol and turmeric have long been considered a natural combination to help remove toxins and inflammation from the body. These substances are appearing in teas, oils, capsules, and many other products, besides usual hemp derivatives with CBD for inflammation.

Now, in what way do turmeric and cannabidiol work to fight the inflammatory response? Keep reading to discover how it can happen.


To understand the bodily endocannabinoid system, you should understand how cannabidiol and turmeric trigger CB2 receptors for suppressing inflammation.

The ECS contributes much to regulating a state of internal balance known as homeostasis. It is the biologically and chemically balanced state that helps to regulate the body’s carbon dioxide, blood sugar level, temperature, and organs. Some of those organs are the pancreas, heart, liver, lungs, and skin. Inflammation can appear in all of the above-mentioned parts.

Cannabidiol and curcumin suppress inflammation in the human body. For your information, curcumin is the primary component of turmeric. Like cannabidiol, it is an anti-inflammatory compound, which means turmeric also has inflammation-reducing properties.

Due to cannabidiol’s increasing popularity and health benefits, biotechnology industry professionals are seeking ways to cause turmeric and cannabidiol to be more bioavailable. At the same time, laboratories refine methods of retrieving and preserving phytocannabinoids in their fragile extraction procedure.

Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have utilized nanotechnology to solve problems related to medicine bioavailability. The cannabis sector is paying heed to what the pharma companies are doing. Nanoparticles can go through biological obstacles to get to the flowing blood and then enable effective inflammation treatment.

For your information, the emergent biotechnologies include nanoemulsion, water-soluble CBD, and liposomal encapsulation related to CBD. Manufacturers use different kinds of technologies to make CBD molecules split and then cause cannabidiol to be water-soluble. When it becomes soluble, the body can absorb it fast into the circulating blood.

When CBD research increases, we would come across more entourage effect-related benefits. For your information, the phrase ‘entourage effect’ refers to the result of all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working together. Many CBD products for inflammation only contain cannabidiol, whereas others have all the cannabinoids except for THC. Without tetrahydrocannabinol, the aforesaid effect will not happen.